sworn translator - English-French/ French-English sworn translator

Your interlocutor, a sworn English-French/French-English Translator, effects a quality translation work that does not betray the terminology and the spirit of your activity sector, according to your time requirements.
Every certified translation is effected by a sworn translator who has taken an oath before a Judge at the Court of Appeal of which he depends.
A sworn translator is a professional in the field of translation who translates documents from a language to another in very different semantic fields.

As a professional sworn translator who takes on the responsibility for his work, your interlocutor, a sworn translator effects a jof of quality and adheres to the original text.
Your interlocutor ensures that a sine varietur translation, that is to say without any modifications and, what is more , this is guaranteed.

As sworn translators, we thus effect all translations within the framework of official steps, of all the legal texts, commercial contracts or other, destined to official organisms, as well as all the texts of an official nature.
The said translations will always have to be effected by a qualified sworn translator, duly registered on the list of experts of the Court of Appeal of which he depends.

The translations effected by a sworn translator are valid with all the tribunals, ministries, town-halls and universities in France and abroad, and will bear the stamp and signature of the sworn translator.

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For any certified translation, do not hesitate to enquire for a free estimate, without any engagement on your part and contact us freely by phone : 03 20 29 67 04.
As a sworn translator, we ensure quick faithful certified translations that are reasonably priced.
For urgent translations, we will always be ready to do our utmost to satisfy you, within the shortest time limit.
On seeing the said documents, your interlocutor ( sworn translator) will let you know what is feasible and in what period of time.

A sworn translator has to intervene in a lot of various domains.
First, a sworn translator works for barristers, solicitors, notaries, or else bailiffs who have to deal with documents having to be translated.
A sworn translator has thus to be faithful to the original text, your interlocutor effects translations as close to the original texts as possible, and in an impeccable language quality, while adhering to the style.

Your interlocutor is specialised in the most varied domains :

  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Business translation
  • Banking translation
  • Financial translation
  • Medical translation
  • Industrial translation
  • Art & art-history translation
  • Intellectual property translation
  • Official documents translation
  • Adoption files translation
  • Diplomas translation
  • CV or job history translation
  • Green card
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