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    A Legal Expert appointed by the Court of Appeal of Douai, a professional of English texts translation,
    Jean-Pierre MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES is a specialist in various domains such as : legal expert

    • Professionals : Lawyers, businesses, official establishments, ( contracts, Notary’s deeds, divorce…).
    • Individuals : Official documents ( birth certificate, diploma, criminal record…) legal expert

    Jean Pierre MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES
    Villa Hermès
    30, Rue Sadi Carnot

    Phone : 09 62 29 72 34
    Email : traducteurassermentefr@gmail.com

  • Your interlocutor is : legal expert
    • Professeur Agrégé de l’Université, the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business English. legal expert
    • The holder of a Cambridge University diploma, of the British Chamber of Commerce diploma, pass with merit, and also of the American Chamber of Commerce. legal expert
    • A lexicographer and the author of four specialised bilingual dictionaries, he is also the author of other University works published both in Grat Britain and the United States of America. legal expert
  • List of publications : legal expert
    • Dictionary of Tools and Machine-Tools
      ( English-French /French-English) 1975 - Editions Ophrys, France. legal expert
    • A selective Dictionary of Trees, Plants and Flowers
      ( English-French/ French-English) 1976 - Editions Ophrys, France. legal expert
    • Article : « Lexicon of the Machine-tool »
      In La Banque des Mots N° 16 (1979) review of French terminology of the Conseil International de la Langue Française, Paris, France. legal expert
    • George GISSING : Critical Essays
      Edited by J-P. MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES, 1981 Vision Press, London, Great Britain. legal expert
    • History of Avesnelles, a village of the Hainaut
      Editions du Hainault , 1983 - Renaissance Française Prize laureate. legal expert
    • Introduction to Shakespeare by G-B. Harrison
      translated from English into French by J-P. MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES ( to be published) legal expert
    • Article « Sarah, Cleopatra or Hamlet ? Between Sardou and Shakespeare »
      of Monique DUBAR, translated from French into English by J-P. MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES, The Shakespeare Yearbook, Vol. V, The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, (USA.) legal expert
    • Dictionary of Transports and Logistics
      ( English-French / French-English) 1988, Elsevier Publishers, Amsterdam, Lausanne, New York, Oxford, Shannon, Singapore, Tokyo.) legal expert
    • Dictionary of Art-History Terms
      ( English-French / French-English) 2006 Elsevier Publishers, Amsterdam, Lausanne, New York, Oxford, Shannon, Singapore, Tokyo.) legal expert
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