Sworn Translator - Sworn Translation France

In our quality as sworn translator, we effect any translation within the framework of official steps, of all the legal texts, commercial contracts or else, destined to official establishments, as well as of all the texts with an official character.
The above mentioned translations will have to be effected by a member of sworn translator .
The translations effected by a member of sworn translator are valid with all the tribunals, the Ministries, the Town-Halls, and the Universities in France and abroad.
A member of sworn translator is on the official list of Legal Experts of the Court of Appeal of which he depends.
Your interlocutor is a sworn translator and essentially deals with certified translations from French into English, as well as from English into French, from everyday English to the specialised type of English.
Your interlocutor, sworn translator, will make sure you get a sine varietur certified translation, that is to say without any modification, and what is more a guaranteed translation.
As a member of sworn translator, we commit ourselves to supply a good quality translation, and we accept responsibility for the work done by us.

Your interlocutor is specialised in the most diverse domains :

  • Sworn translator - Technical translation
  • Sworn translator - Legal translation ( barristers, solicitors, notaries)
  • Sworn translator - Business translation ( patent rights, patents, instructions for use).
  • Sworn translator - Banking translation
  • Sworn translator - Financial translation
  • Sworn translator - Medical translation
  • Sworn translator - Industrial translation
  • Sworn translator - Art-history translation
  • Sworn translator - Intellectual property translation
  • Sworn translator - Official documents translation
  • Sworn translator - Child-adoption file translation
  • Sworn translator - Diplomas translation
  • Sworn translator - CV or job description translation

For a certified translation, do not hesitate to apply for a free and non binding estimate, or contact us :
sworn translator France effects rapid ( within a few days) faithful and affordable certified translations.
For the cases of urgent translations, we are always ready to do our best to meet your requirements within the shortest delays. On seeing your documents, your interlocutor of sworn translator, will agree to effect the said translation each time he will deem it possible and feasible.

In France, only a sworn translator is liable to translate :
  • Judgments, deeds, contracts under seal, tax income document
  • Preliminary sales agreements
  • Wills
  • Birth , marriage, divorce and death certificates
  • Driving licences and medical certificates
  • Child-adoption file
Your interlocutor, Jean-Pierre MICHAUX dit D'AVESNELLES, is a Professeur Agrégé de l’Université, and the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Art-History, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business English.
  • Your interlocutor, of sworn translator, has a Cambridge University Diploma, is the holder of a British Chamber of Commerce Diploma, passed « with merit », as well as of an American Chamber of Commerce Diploma in Business English.
  • Your interlocutor , of sworn translator, is a Legal Expert and Sworn-in Translator with the Court of Appeal of Douai.
  • Your interlocutor, of sworn translator, is a lexicographer and the author of four specialised dictionaries, as well as of other academic publications in the United Kingdom and the United States.
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